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    ENIC: European Network of Information Centres in the European Region
    NARIC: National Academic Recognition Information Centres in the European Union

    Welcome to the enic-naric website

    This site, a joint initiative of the European Commission, the Council of Europe and UNESCO, has been created primarily as a tool to assist the works in carrying out the tasks they have been mandated to accomplish within their own jurisdiction, by directing them to up-to-date information supplied and maintained by the competent bodies in each member country and by each member organisation. It is also its express purpose to help other interested organisations and individuals easily find information on current issues in international academic and professional mobility, and on procedures for the recognition of foreign qualifications.

    You need information on recognition issues as

    Higher Education Institution

    Information on academic recognition procedures of different foreign qualifications and on several higher education systems.

    Credential evaluator

    Information on recognition tools, sources and procedures to evaluate foreign qualifications.


    Information on a candidate's foreign qualification and on professional recognition procedures.

    Individual wishing to study/work abroad

    Information on recognition of diplomas and periods of study abroad for academic and professional purposes.

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